Player Profile – Josh Allen – QB – Wyoming

Josh Allen

Wyoming Quarterback 6’5″ – 233 lbs.

2017 Highlights: YouTube

2017 Stats: 1,658 yards – 13 TDs – 6 INTs – 56.2% – 207 rushing yards – 5 rushing TDs

2016 Stats: 3,203 yards – 28 TDs – 15 INTs – 56.0% – 523 rushing yards – 7 rushing TDs

Josh Allen is probably the most intriguing quarterback prospect going into the 2018 NFL Draft. He has perfect size for an NFL quarterback and has arguably the strongest arm in the country. It’s quite possible he can throw a strike as hard as Dan Marino or Brett Favre used to—his arm is that good. When you throw in Allen’s speed, escape ability, and running skills, you may have the most physically talented quarterback we’ve seen in a while.


You’ve gotta love watching Josh Allen throw a deep ball. He throws one of the prettiest long balls I’ve seen in a long time and he’s got a surprisingly quick release. He’s best when out of the pocket and launching deep passes on the run. Allen’s speed is eye-popping for his size and his running style is actually similar to Cam Newton’s.

The thing that’s most impressive about Allen’s game is his ability to extend a play with his legs and find an open receiver downfield. Similar to the way Aaron Rodgers can juke out pass rushers for eight seconds before throwing an explosive pass fifty yards downfield, Allen has shown flashes of the same plays. On his good days, Josh Allen looks like the best quarterback in the country.


In order to succeed in the NFL, Allen needs to greatly improve on his accuracy. He takes a lot of chances with his arm and with his feet. Though he has the arm to throw downfield consistently, he needs to complete passes better than the 56% he’s had the last two seasons. Granted he plays at Wyoming and doesn’t have the best supporting cast around him, Allen needs to be better on short throws as well.

Because Allen possess great speed for his size, he’s not afraid to tuck the ball and take off downfield. He runs tough as well and this could definitely pose a risk to his health at the NFL level. Although the recent shoulder injury on his throwing arm shouldn’t be a problem, it should definitely be taken into consideration. Hopefully by the NFL Combine, he will be 100%.

NFL Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger

I see some of Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre but more than anything, Josh Allen looks like Ben Roethlisberger. His size and ability to escape and slide in the pocket is almost identical to Big Ben’s. Allen’s arm is just as strong as Ben’s, if not better, and he’s faster than Ben. Allen is our 4th best quarterback prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft and I think he’s got a chance to be very special. He may have to sit for a year behind a veteran but his upside is enormous. Don’t expect him to be on the board by the end of the 1st round of the draft.

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